Miguerlande “Mimi” Cayo

Natural Haircare Specialist and Certified Holistic Trichologist - Owner of Iam.Nubian Salon Spa

Unlike some who discover their love for hair at a young age, I embarked on this path in adulthood, not even knowing how to braid! As I journeyed into the world of hair i found myself developing a passion for the craft unexpectedly. I started out with crochet braids, and gradually transition into something I thought to be more profound. Natural hair. My job found me; it placed me in a position to grow into the stylist i am today and I love it for that reason. I’ve been given the opportunity to to connect with new people every day, make them feel incredible, and boost their confidence.

Each person I meet has a unique story, but they all share a common desire: to look and feel their best. I consider myself fortunate to be able to help them achieve just that. Continuously seeking to improve, I regularly enroll in courses to expand my knowledge of hair care and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles to offer my clients.

I’ve been apart of this industry since 2015 and am now the proud owner and head stylist at IAM.Nubian Salon. At IAM.Nubian, our mission is simple yet formidable: we prioritize healthy hair, whether it's through protective styles or embracing your natural curls. We aim to educate our clients and change the narrative around natural hair

I hope for the chance to provide you with the unique IAM.Nubian experience. Let's embark on a journey to healthy, beautiful hair together!

Kanya “Kay” Cornet

Natural Hair Care Specialist and Certified Holistic Trichologist

From the very beginning, my professional journey led me towards the realm of Human Resources. However, I always had an unwavering passion for hair styling. Just ask my former colleagues, who can attest to the constant changes to my hair which was a hot topic in the corporate office.

At the age of 16, I mustered the courage to approach my parents to enroll in cosmetology school. Their response, however, steered me towards the path of a college education. Although I had every intention of pursuing both avenues, I ultimately decided to prioritize college. After obtaining my masters in HR Management, I delved into the corporate world, working in HR roles within Ad agencies, Investment Banking, Fashion, and Cosmetics for a span of 8 years. Simultaneously, I dedicated my spare time to honing my skills as a hair stylist at IAMNUBIAN.

Despite the demands of my full-time corporate job, I remained committed to expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field of cosmetology. I obtained my cosmetology license while juggling my professional responsibilities, and to this day, I actively seek out advanced classes to continuously enhance my education. It fills me with immense pride to declare myself a Certified Holistic Trichologist, specializing in the intricate realm of hair and scalp conditions.

While I am proud of my career path in assisting others in finding employment and ensuring fair treatment for employees, my true joy lies in the art of making women look and feel beautiful. I have observed that many of my natural-haired clients harbor a sense of shame when it comes to wearing their hair freely, particularly in professional settings. This is a narrative we must change. Allow me to be your guide on this transformative journey. I am determined to witness the success of all black women, and it all begins with building self-confidence.

Nadege Maitre

Nadege MaitreNatural Hair Care Specialist

I enjoy doing hair as well as the opportunity to apply my experience, education, and love of this profession to give you an enjoyable and satisfying salon experience!

Ernsue Cayo

Natural Hair Care Specialist

Doing my own hair as well as my family and close friends has always brought me so much joy. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement I feel knowing that now I get to impact and connect with you all while doing something that I truly enjoy! Xoxo Ernsue.